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Terms and conditions
The usual legal bla-bla!

The BirthdayTimer is an web experiment developed by AdWorks Media LLC and it is free to use and enjoy by anybody. We will not use any personal information (email addresses) for other purposes than the use of the BirthdayTimer, we will not disclose any personal information to third parties and we will not use the personal information for comercial purposes. The BirthdayTimer project will automaticaly send email to the creator of the BirthdayTimer page to inform him/her of any comments and it will automaticaly send email to the users that commented and checked the option "send me a notification 5 days before xxxxx's birthday". The owner of the BirthdayTimer page will receive an email containing an unique link to administer his page (delete comments, delete page, etc). The owner must not disclose this unique link for security reasons.

AdWorks Media LLC, the creator of the BirthdayTimer project does not hold any responsability over the content added by any user over the internet. AdWorks Media LLC does not guarantee a lifetime use of the project and has reserved the right to terminate the project at any moment without any prior notification of the users (unlikely). AdWorks Media LLC and the BirthdayTimer project will not disclose the unique page of any user, any visit on the user's page will be a result of his/hers direct actions, by promoting the page over the internet.